About me

Here is my background



First morey experiences.



I started surfing at the age of 3. At first with my father on the board and very quickly I took a liking. At six, I was completely independent.



I start windsurfing at 4 years old, first on the board with my father...



I started at 6 to do a little bmx to overcome the lack of waves recurrent at Sausset-les-pins.



I started skiing at 7, and I also liked it very quickly!



At the age of 8 I started paddle. I just love it.



Just freedom!


La Torche

Meet the big waves and start the adventure with the team ``Boards And More`` that help me in all my activities on the water.
Great think's to them



I discovered downhill mountain biking at 13, one summer, by chance, at Les Orres (France) mountain bike club with Sébastien Aubert, who very quickly believes in me. It's the following year, in 2017, that I win my first race. The story is launched!
Sébastien & Charles Cannon are going to help me again ! Big thank you !
Then, I'm going to train for 15 days in Whistler in Canada with Charles.



One month ride session in Maui. Amazing time for the ``Fanatic`` team photo shooting! Many thanks to the team!


French Downhill MTB Cup

I'm doing my first season of France and regional cup. The results are promising.


Downhill competitions in France

I win all the rounds of the French Cup, all the regional and departmental races in which I participate, as well as the title of cadet champion of France.
Other good news, i become a ``French Commencal cartel rider``. Sound's good ! Thank's to Max and Pierrick.

A few words about me

Your music
Dance music and rap hip hop.
Your best memory
I have plenty but Les Gets 2019 pretty cool or ski in April with friends.
Your favorite film
Ali G!
Your worst memory
Nothing haha…
Your dream that is most dear to you
Live happily…
What are you most proud of?
Uh… Qualification in the French league!
What are you doing the minutes before the race?
I memorize the tense passages.
Your favorite meal
Blue cord pasta.
How do you prepare before a race?
I isolate myself with headphones.
How do you handle stress?
I do not control anything lol… no I try to tell myself that everything is fine.
Your biggest fall
Les Orres 2017 passage from the front of the bike…
Your best victory
France championship
Your first love
How do you manage your com on networks?
I post fairly regularly photos and videos that my father makes me.
On which bike do you ride?
Commencal Supreme V4
What are the essential pieces to have in spare?
Rim , Derailleur, brake lever, chain, .
What are your favorite freeride tracks?
Morzine cup of France, Les Orres, most of the tracks of Chatel
What sports do you practice outside of the breeding season to prepare yourself?
ski, paddle, surf, windsurf and of course many enduro rides and bmx tricks!
What is the remarkable memory of your first race?
The impression of freedom!
Favorite riders
Brandon Semenuk, Sam Blenkiscop, Kade Edwards, Amaury Pierron